About Us

Born from the merger of NHTC News and LATAM-SWISS PRESS, Latin America and Caribbean media group (A Schweizer Fernsehen company) is the leading multimedia, radio, graphic content provider and news agency of Latin America and Caribbean region. We aim to be the news and content reference about the region for Europe and North America press. Since 2009 we are also content providers for the most respected South America press, television and radio station, as they found in us an objective, impartial and immediate way of access to the news of other countries of the region.

LAC MEDIA GROUP has win with the years an unrivalled reputation for providing fast, fair and accurate news content supplemented with attractive graphic and multimedia material.

Alongside our core regional news agency operation, the LAC MEDIA GROUP also supplies a wide range of content and editorial services ranging from sports data, comprehensive entertainment guides and photo syndication to editorial training and weather forecasting. We work with customers across the media industry including national and regional newspapers, magazines, TV and radio broadcasters and digital platforms.

LAC MEDIA GROUP is also a key news supplier to non-media customers, assisting commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations to access information and communicate successfully.

LAC MEDIA GROUP is owned by Schweizer Fernsehen, a division of SRG SSR, in charge of production and distribution of television and radio programmes for Switzerland and Europe. This gives us a well-earned reputation that makes our company the reference in news content and editorial opinions about Latin America and Caribbean region.

Other Schweizer Fernsehen companies include HD Suisse, SF 1, Kontakt Press, 3SAT.de and DRS TV.